Tim Rogers

January 01, 2020

Tim works as a Technical Sales engineer in the water and power industry. He has been married for 32 years and has 2 sons and 2 teenage grandsons. Tim has been a member of the School of Philosophy for 29 years and during this time has developed an interest in the nature of relationships and what essential ingredients are required to make a satisfying one. Following this interest has lead him to facilitate weekend retreats for young professionals, focusing on this and similar subjects. He has presented at the School of Philosophy Cultural Days for the last 11 years.

Michael Smith

January 01, 2020

Michael is a recently retired commercial lawyer who was at one time the managing partner of a city law firm with over 120 staff. Practicing mainly in contract and business law, Michael provided advice to businesses of all sizes ranging from a major Australian bank to small and medium businesses with a practice also in sports and entertainment law. In recent years, he was the in-house lawyer at an inner city council. A tutor and student of Philosophy, Michael also has a special interest in Plato and what Plato can tell us about life’s purpose and how to navigate it.

Peter Stoddart

February 14, 2020

Peter is now retired but spent his working life in the management of Victoria’s public lands, Forests and Parks, including a senior role in fire management. He has attended the School of Philosophy for 27 years and was a tutor for around 20 years. He has learnt from experience that happiness does indeed come from within.

Helen Nichol

October 25, 2019

Helen first worked in psychology, as a Practice Manager, Professional Development Manager and Practitioner in couple and family work. In education she was one of the founding Governors of the Erasmus Primary school and her contribution included a role as the Ancient History Curriculum Developer and Coordinator before becoming the Schools first  Well-Being Chaplain. Recently she completed  a Masters focusing on the philosophical works  of the Florentine Renaissance teacher, Marsilio Ficino.

Diedre Hassed

November 23, 2018

Deirdre Hassed has worked professionally as a calligrapher for over thirty years in both New Zealand  and Australia, having studied Calligraphy & Bookbinding  in London in the 1980s. Deirdre is a past president of the Calligraphy Society of Victoria and she teaches widely across Australia and NZ. Deirdre has been a student of the School of Philosophy  in both Auckland and Melbourne. In 2017 her combined love of Philosophy and the creative aspect of hand-lettering culminated in a book produced with her husband, Craig Hassed: ‘Illuminating Wisdom - words of wisdom, works of art”.

Dr. Neil McNab

October 19, 2018

Dr Neil McNab has worked as a General Practitioner  in Family Medicine for over 30 years. He is passionate about learning and how to accept  things the way they are. In his role as a GP he has seen the significant benefits  of acceptance by patients of their issues. Acceptance fosters the inner peace and harmony for resolving obstacles and moving forward. He has chaired a GP Lecture Series on various medical topics for 20 years and has presented public lectures  on Acceptance.

Garry Martin

October 05, 2018

Garry Martin has practiced as an architect in Australia, Europe and the Middle East. He writes and talks on the traditional architectures of India, Iran and the Middle East. Garry has combined his interests in archaeology, art history and philosophy in his approach to the design of modern buildings in traditional settings. He has been a student and tutor of philosophy in The Melbourne School of Philosophy for twenty five years.

Philippa Street

July 26, 2019

Philippa currently lectures Yoga teacher trainees in Philosophy, Sanskrit and Ayurveda as well as consulting in an Ayurvedic practice. Her interest in practical philosophy began over 40 years ago and this led her to study Sanskrit and later Ayurveda to a professional level. She finds that Patanjali is both highly practical and accessible, that the wisdom found in the Yoga Sutras is most relevant to a cohesive society.

James Webster

June 14, 2019

James Webster has been a member of the School of Philosophy for over twenty years. In the past five years James has enthusiastically studied Justice in Economics including offering presentations, facilitating a study group, joining an Economics NGO and occasionally meeting with Members of Parliament. For the past decade he has worked in the Australian Wine Industry in sales and National Account Management for Grupo Freixenet. Prior to that he spent 15 years in retail working for Coles Liquor Group and Dan Murphy’s in retail management.

Belnida Fyffe

March 08, 2019

Belinda is a small business owner of a Human Resource consultancy in Ballarat. She has not only read widely on minimalism but has put it into practice with her husband, and downsized their house.  By asking the question ‘does this add value to my life?’ rather than ‘do I need to keep this?’ she has been able to reduce not only their physical possessions, but also their schedules and the ‘stuff’ that takes up their most valuable resource – time. She has a keen interest in exploring the ultimate meaning of life and has been a member of the School of Philosophy for 7 years, Belinda tutors new groups as well as relishing the opportunity to explore ideas that add meaning for people from all walks of life.

Catherine Irvine

August 03, 2018

Catherine Irvine is a senior manager at Erasmus Primary School. She started her working life in hospitality and spent 10 years as a co-manager of the Erasmus Primary School kitchen, sharing the responsibility of delivering 150 freshly prepared meals every day of the school year. For more than 20 years, she has catered for meditation and personal development retreats and has hosted conversations about food to youth and young professional audiences. Her passion is to inspire a love of cooking and a careful approach to what and how we eat.

Marita Brewster

July 20, 2018

Marita Brewster is a foundation member of the School of Philosophy in Melbourne, and has studied and tutored philosophical concepts for over 40 years.  She leads the Plato faculty in the school, and facilitates seminars in Platonic philosophy in Australia and abroad. She is the author of the book 'Dialectic - A Practical Guide for Philosophers’. and has been instrumental in helping to instil Platonic principles at Erasmus Primary School. 

Michael Luscombe

June 22, 2018

Michael has a Bachelors Degree in Applied Science and works as Director of a small business in the Technology Industry.  Michael has been a student at the School of Philosophy for over 20 years.  He leads groups, conducts retreats and teaches meditation to people around Australia.  Michael’s interest in resilience has arisen from life experience and in particular by the life of his brother who overcame great adversity to live a courageous and inspiring life.  Michael has been a regular presenter on resilience and loves sharing stories and strategies on how to continually learn about and develop resilience for greater fulfillment and well-being in life.

Dr.John Tippet

Dr. John Tippet holds a PhD in Economics and has taught in the university environment for 35 years. Prior to this he was involved in the agricultural industry and it was this interest in land that lead him to the study of Economics and to gaining experience in business economics within agriculture. John's main interest is in justice in the economic realm, and the opportunity for each individual to pursue life free from the woes of poverty and unemployment. He is the Author of "A Philosophers take on Economics" and has taught Economics for close to 40 years as head of the Economics department of the School of Philosophy.

Warwick Brewster

Warwick Brewster was a leader in the development of an integrated design and construction approach to building, both through his lectures as head of the Building & Construction department at RMIT University and practically through the company he founded and directed, as a consultant to a number of larger construction companies. 
Warwick’s lectures at RMIT embraced a philosophy for the conscious management of a building company and its work sites. 
He has attended the School of Philosophy for forty years in which time he has had many roles culminating in being the founding Chairman of Erasmus Primary School.

Warwick first studied the essence of economics in the School of Philosophy about thirty years ago following his observations particularly of land and property development and his growing concern that year by year, it was becoming more difficult for a young person to purchase a house and the effect that had.

Stephen Abrahams

Stephen is the National Unit Convenor for Business Decision Making and Analysis at AIM Business School and a Senior Lecturer in Strategy, Innovation and Project Management at Swinburne University of Technology. Stephen presents and consults to organisations across most industries and sectors to provide them with the tools necessary to make more effective decisions. At a more personal level, Stephen also presents and coaches youth and young professional audiences in how to discover their gifts. He recently presented a paper on collaborative decision-making at the International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations. 

Dr. Craig Hassed

Dr. Craig Hassed’s teaching, research and clinical interests include mindfulness-based stress management, mind-body medicine, meditation, health promotion, integrative medicine and medical ethics. He is regularly invited to speak and run courses in Australia and overseas in health, professional and educational contexts. He was the founding president of the Australian Teachers of Meditation Association and is a regular media commentator. He writes regularly for medical journals and has published thirteen books including, most recently, The Freedom Trap. 

Dr. Stephen McKenzie

Dr Stephen McKenzie is a lecturer in Psychology at Monash University, and is responsible for the development and teaching of the research components of a large new fully online fourth year psychology course. Stephen is also a tutor at the Geelong branch of the School of Practical Philosophy, has given many conference and other presentations, and has written books including Mindfulness for Life, with Associate Professor Craig Hassed, Mindfulness at Work, Vital Statistics,

and ... Heartfulness, beyond mindfulness, finding your real life. 

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