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Thought for food

Content and delivery were both amazing. The practical tips were useful and it didn’t come off as being lectured to.

Very informative, helpful, interesting and thought-provoking


The presenter didn’t rush his material. He gave us time to digest it and think about an answer before moving on.

Authentic and well paced. Great presenter and information. Thankyou


It was perfect.

Easy to follow, interesting material, useful conversation and real life examples.

It is As it is

Love being surrounded by presenters that give their time free because they desire others to find the richness in improving your life. Being with like minded participants who are desirous of being wise.

Practical steps towards mental health

The presenters knowledge of Sanskrit was amazing and the way that she translates and explains the meaning behind the ancient texts and relates them to our modern day really helped me to soak in the wisdom. I've studied Patanjali with a number of teachers and still got so much out of it and there were a few light bulb moments.

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