Please note that the next three practical wisdom workshops will be delivered on line via the Zoom platform. There is a special price of $15 for these offerings in the light of the covid 19 pandemic. 

More discourse than lecture, these presentations offer you the opportunity to engage with the subject matter, question and discuss with like minded people. Join the discovery of practical wisdom and how it could be applied in daily life. (Limited to 20 attendees). 


Sat 6 June
Why trust and not fear?
Warwick Brewster
Sat 27 June
Who's really in charge?
Michael Smith
Sat 18 July
Philosophy, Love and relationships.
Tim Rogers

Why trust and not fear? #2

Saturday 6th June 2020 10.00 -11.30am. 

We were born with a complete sense of trust.  How is it that as we grow and develop we experience fear?  What does it take to step over fear?  Is it necessary to spend a life in the grip of fear?  In this session, we will explore how we might regain trust, and come to experience the simplicity and peace that follows.

Presented by Warwick Brewster.

Warwick Brewster was a leader in the development of an integrated design and construction approach to building, both through his lectures as head of the Building & Construction department at RMIT University and practically through the company he founded and directed and as a consultant to a number of larger construction companies. Warwick’s lectures at RMIT embraced a philosophy for the conscious management of a building company and its work sites. He has attended the School of Philosophy for forty years in which time he has had many roles culminating in being the founding Chairman of Erasmus Primary School.

Who's really in charge?

Saturday 27th June 2020 10.00 - 11.30am. 

An exploration into, and a perspective on, the perplexing range of influences, expectations, opinions, desires, goals, environmental and cultural factors - amongst many - which appear to drive if not govern our everyday existence, leaving us rundown and frustrated with barely enough energy to get through another day. Is that all there is and is this how it’s meant to be?  Just what is going on and is there another way which can result in a more enjoyable and effective life? Drawing on present day and older insights and  wisdom, we’ll see if we can open up a window to  a more fruitful life.

Presented by Michael Smith.

Michael is a recently retired commercial lawyer who was at one time the Managing Partner of a city law firm with over 120 staff. Practicing mainly in contract and business law, Michael provided advice to businesses of all sizes ranging from a major Australian bank to small and medium businesses with a practice also in sports and entertainment law. In recent years, he was the in-house lawyer at an inner city Council. A tutor and student of Philosophy, Michael also has a special interest in Plato and what Plato can tell us about life’s purpose and how to navigate it.

Philosophy, Love and relationships

Saturday 18th July 10.00 - 11.30 am.


This practical presentation looks at the nature of 'relationship' and how we might come to experience One Essential relationship with all, whether they be partners, family, friends, acquaintances or even complete strangers. We will consider the unifying nature of Love and how this might inform how we look on the world.

Presented by Tim Rogers.

Tim works as a Technical Sales engineer in the water and power industry. He has been married for 32 years and has 2 sons and 2 teenage grandsons. Tim has been a member of the School of Philosophy for 29 years and during this time has developed an interest in the nature of relationships and what essential ingredients are required to make a satisfying one. Following this interest has lead him to facilitate weekend retreats for young professionals, focusing on this and similar subjects. He has presented at the School of Philosophy Cultural Days for the last 11 years.


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